Monday, October 15, 2007

LG XNote Dual Display

LG XNote R200. You won't have to boot up your computer to check emails...all thanks to LG XNote laptop's dual display. There is a small 2.5" Color LCD and touch sensor buttons to allow checking emails and play MP3 or a game. You can play upto 100 hours of music. Hmmm...sort a like mobile phone but without a camera. :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Black Box for Your Car

Black box or Flight Data Recorder are typically used for aircrafts but now HK e-car will offer the black box for automobile. They are aworking on MOA-VBOX which will record images and other data (x,y,z) 14 sec before the indicident and 6 sec after.

[Via Yahoo Kr]


Kpop music video by Banana Girl. About 50% of lyric is "chocolate" so anyone can understand 50% of the song. :-)

LG to Serve Chocolate in Japan

LG Telecom 3G LG Chocolate Phone (L704i) will be available in Japan starting 19 Oct via NTT DoCoMo.

Karaoke via VOD

Hanaro Telecom will start offering HanaTV Norebang (karaoke) service via VOD and you can enjoy this from comfort of your home.


Iriver Clix wins the International Design Award 2007 in TV, Video and Audio Equipment category. The design firm for Iriver Clix is Reigncom Co., Ltd.

• Plays music, video, photos and more
• 4GB internal storage†
• Ultra-bright, 2.2” AMOLED color display
• Built-in digital FM tuner
• Integrated voice recorder
• Fast USB 2.0 transfers

LG.Philips LCD a-Si TFT LCD

LG.Philips LCD develops 2.4in qVFG (240x320) with only 1mm of edge/border around the LCD panel. This is a big achivement since others offer LCDs with 2mm edge/boarder.